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The Caliph's Gift

Young cleric Matthias Sykes’ life is radically changed by the mysterious Ottoman counselor Sokollu and by the Caliph’s gift, a pair of elegant throwing daggers. A darkly cryptic message engraved on their hilts proves prophetic, and young Matthias is faced with a life-changing choice.

One of the Gundermen tried to trip me as I debarked.

I grabbed his throat and choked him, not letting go even when his eyes went white.

Just as his body started to go slack, I smashed my cane’s head into his face three times, fiercely, for his earlier remark had put me in a dark mood —


Love Triangle in the High Sierras

“Love Triangle in the High Sierras” shows what can happen when a case of infatuation suddenly turns into a gunfight. A mini-drama set in the California cattle wars.

Gorgeously written … the author has done his research. These books are sure to spark curious minds.

— Kerri Irish, ComfyReader book blog


Kid Lit

An award-winning teacher lays out the basic rules of literary criticism in this accessible guide.

Beginning with the elements of the universal coming-of-age narrative, “Kid Lit” shows young readers and general readers alike how to recognize story structure, class, gender, symbolism, trauma and Orientalism in children’s narratives.

Of value to all teachers, students, librarians, readers, literature lovers, and moviegoers.