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Sara Ridley of Life of a Storyteller book blog

Works full of mystery and heartbreak … a brilliant storyteller of history. Durwood takes one of history’s greatest events and retells it through these six wonderful, authentic, and deeply relatable characters as they discover what it means to feel heartbreak, revenge, and to learn the truth that the world is not how they once perceived it to be. A wonderful, wonderful read.

Nicola Flood / Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Indie Book Reviewer

Each story tells of different lives of people in state of change, and some with circumstances reflective of human nature, some at its most pivotal, and even darker moments, and some very ordinary. Yet even the darker stories are somehow beautiful, profound and touching in their own way. I was impressed by the amount of emotion and investment Durwood manages to pull from the reader in just a few pages. Sign of a gifted writer there.

Sherri Smith / Park Road Books / Charlotte, North Carolina

This has all the makings of a wonderful literary property. It’s likeThe Da Vinci Code meets Kidnapped. It also reminds me of the British series Wolf Brother (I’m not sure why). I know of at least half a dozen people, both adults and teens, I could sell your first book to right now (and interest them in the next one).

Laraine Herring / Monsoons, Lost Fathers, and Lay My Sorrow Down

The debut of a wonderful writer…

Claire Middleton / Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Indie Book Reviewer

A riveting combination of history, action and adventure, thrills and suspense … I felt a connection with each of these characters that I didn’t expect, World building is absolutely crucial in selling a believable historical fiction that can entertain yet stay true to the “facts” and realities of the past Very literary, almost poetic writing and near flawless editing. I can see this book having wide-ranging appeal, not just teens, but also we adults as well. Highly recommend Beautifully written … remarkable depth.

Joe Weber / Honorable Enemies, Rules of Engagement

Once I started reading, I didn’t want to stop … the lush, lyrical writing style, the realistic plotlines and the solid character development. Solid pacing overall, and near perfect editing. Very impressive and I’ll happily read more from Mr. Durwood!